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The Class Web Site is back on line!  The PC that hosted the site crashed after 12 years of use.  Thanks for your patience!

Vivian Abolins - Added 3 photos and a biography. 

John Miligi - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.  John passed away from cancer in July 2010.

We're up and running to our 40th Reunion!  Please check out the specifics at: http://www.westislip76.org/40thReunion.htm  and find out how to sign up and help make our 40th Reunion an awesome event!

Steven Stark - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.  Steven passed away on 8/2/2013.

Lorraine Kinnish - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.  Lorraine passed away on 2/3/2014.   

Greg Cunningham, Gina Maione, and Vic Latronica (Jun 2013).

Rodney Deveaux - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.  Rodney passed away on 1/12/2013.

Updated Vic Caroleo's page with a new picture!

Updated Mike Sierchio's page with pics and an updated bio!  Welcome Mike!

Roni Bethel - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.  Roni passed away on 10/5/2011.

Andy Garritano - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.  Andy passed away on 9/18/2011.

Updated Vic Caroleo's photo and biography.  
Got a nice note from James Gerlett who sent an updated bio and photo!  Thanks guys!!! 

Fred Migliore with singer/songwriter Judy Collins.

A review of the "new" LaGrange Inn - published in the 11/11/10 Babylon Beacon.  This reprint showcases some local news and does not constitute an endorsement of the establishment. 

Updated the WIHS Today page with images taken from the Internet in 2009.

Bill Drake and Warren Bachman at the Garden State (NJ) Harmonica Club Festival.  Thanks for submitting the picture guys!

Updated the following pages with new photos: Veronica Bethel (1), Gerard Wenzel (3), Warren Bachman (2), Eileen Gallagher (1).

Updated Rita Allocco's page with a new photo.

Updated Madalane Gorgone's page with a new photo.

Updated Doreen Venezio's page with two new photos.

Updated Frank Portantino's page with a new bio. 


Updated Frank Portantino's page with a new photo. 

Updated Veronica Anderson's page with a new photo. 


Kathryn McCool
- Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.  Kathy passed away on 3/11/2010. 

Updated Gary Epstein's page with a new photo. 

Updated Patricia Foote's page with two new photos. 

Updated Brian Heimbuecher's page with a new photo. 

Michael Finnegan - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.  Michael passed away on Christmas Eve in 2009. 

Steve LaNoce submitted 2 graduation pics, 3 recent images, and took the time to scan and send our Graduation Commencement Program.  Check out your name in the program on the Flashback Link. Thanks Steve...for all your hard work! 

Updated Lori Maloney's page with a new photo and Willy Finnegan's page with two photos and an updated bio. 

Personal page for Patricia McKeon was updated today with a recent photo and bio.

Personal pages for Jo Ryan , Catherine Kats and Steven Stark were updated with new photos today!

Personal page for Tom Gardner was updated with one new photo today.

Personal page for Maureen O'Neil was updated with two new photos today.

Personal pages for Arlene Benza and Patty Foote were updated today.

Classmate Rick Lazio announced his candidacy for Governor of New York today.

Personal page for Susan Critz was updated today with a photo from 2009.  Also, an image of our Senior Class Prom Announcement was added to the Flashback Link today.  Enjoy!

Our classmate, Joseph Rivelli, Jr., a firefighter who perished in the World Trade Center on 9/11 was added to the "In Memory" page.  His personal page was updated with two images and a short bio.  

Personal pages for Michael Esposito, Elliott Bidnick, Joleen Koehly and Gail Johntry were updated today.  

Personal pages for Joe Milligan, Guy Serrago and Laura Smedile were updated today.  

Personal pages for Donna Iacopelli and George Romaka were updated with recent images over the weekend.   

Updated Maureen O'Neil and Kevin Savold's pages with images harvested from the Internet.  

The updated Website and Message Board are getting a lot of "hits" and a number of classmates who never saw the original site are creating a Login and Password.  That's a great start, but please take the time to start a topic so others will feel comfortable replying!  I received a number of photos/bios as well as added a few more from snooping around on Facebook.  New images/bios posted today include: Ken Ostraco, Sean Magee, and John Kwaak. Updated images include: Julie Truppner, Paul Sienkewich, Cheryl Mracek, Maryann Seiderer, Maureen Garraway, Rocky Taggio, Lori Maloney, Chris Moshinskie, Tom O'Rourke, Carol Garfinkel and Peter Hawkins.  

Frank Portantino reported that Debbie O'Laughlin passed away three weeks ago from Cancer. Her class image has been moved to the In Memory Link of departed classmates.  The Fallen Classmates Forum on the Class message board is available to share memories of Debbie.  To help celebrate her life, please forward any information or images to add to her personal profile page.

9/7/09 (Labor Day)
After a 3-year hiatus, the Class Website was re-opened. The site was moved from its old location at liberty2020.com to a new location at http://www.westislip76.org. The new site will help classmates find the site and give us a better search engine presence. New features include: personal web pages for each class member; posting of reunion images to personal web pages; image and profile updates for many classmates; updated "Tribute" page; a full-featured Message Board with the ability to be instantly notified whenever someone posts a new message (or responds to a message you posted) and a link to the Twitter site where you can sign up to receive free "tweets" (updates) to keep our class better connected. 

Class Roster pages were modified to load faster.  Each WIHS '76 alumni now has their own page for pictures and biography.

The Reunion Recap link was added.  This page provides a Looking Back, Looking Forward point of view by your friendly Webmaster.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page was updated (Questions 1, 5, 10, 11).

The final batch of pictures (Photos 10 Link) has been posted.  Tom Gardner submitted a sharper version of the WI Athletic Letter and a great photo of our graduation cap and tassel.  These images have been incorporated into the Home Page.

Diane Reichel - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.

Burger King Survey Question (Final Results after 10-day survey):

SURVEY QUESTION:  Did you redeem the Burger King coupon that was inserted in our Graduation Yearbook?

Yes, French fries are my weakness, that coupon never had a chance.  # of responses = 2 (8%)

No, the coupon is still in my yearbook. # of responses = 23 (92%)


Images from Brian Rodden/Ed Finnegan were posted under the Photos 8 link.  Sue McCall scanned in the Reunions of America Class photo and this is posted under the Photos 9 link.  Elly Barry sent a few more pictures and these were added to the bottom of the Photos 3 link.  Tom Gardner submitted the WI Athletic Letter which has been added to the Home Page.  Until Vic Latronica sends his pictures, I only have one more batch to post (on Saturday).  Again, please send your images.  We'll get them posted and give you photo credit!  If you took print film pictures, you can mail them!  I'll scan them, post them and mail them back to you!

Look for the Reunion Recap sometime this weekend.  To everyone who is using the Message Board....THANK YOU!  It our place in cyberspace to keep in touch!  I'm already getting e-mails from members of other WIHS classes who are envious of what WIHS '76 has built here.  Let's keep the momentum up!


Three new batches of photos were added this morning (Photos 5, Photos 6 and Photos 7 links) courtesy of Mary Casillo, Thom Cammarota and Tom Gardner.  I have a few more smaller batches to post and am looking forward to getting the images taken by Vic Latronica.  If you took any pictures at Capt Bill's, the Reunion or during any personal reunion events (like the all-guy get together at Jimmy Schultheis'), please send them in.

Steve Dunn
- Added bio.

Dolores Fuentes - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.
Daniel Paxson - Our departed classmate's picture has been moved to the In Memory page.

Received and posted two more batches of photos (Photos 3 and Photos 4 Links) from Elly Barry and Jimmy Schultheis.  My thanks to you both!  

Yesterday, I received more than 50 e-mails with requests (images, profile updates, corrections, In Memory tributes, and more photos to be posted).  Hang in there classmates, I'm getting to them as fast as I can!


The first (of many) batches of Reunion Images are now posted!  Please be patient as this process takes time (scaling, cropping, identifying classmates).  The images posted on this site have been re-sized.  If you would like the original image (some are over 2MB), please e-mail me and I'll hook you up!

All of the images should be posted NLT Sunday, 7/16/06.  If you took pictures at the reunion, PLEASE e-mail them today.  So far, I've received images from Tom Gardner, Sue McCall, Mary Casillo and Thom Cammarota.  Thanks to each of you for continuing to make our class web site better!

A new link titled WIHS Today has been added to the site.  These images were provided by Nancy M. Lenz, WIHS Public and Media Relations.  I don't know the date these images were taken.

For your enjoyment, a new link titled 1975/1976 has been added to the site.  This page depicts events that occurred during our Senior Class year.  Enjoy!!!

Tina Gattuso - Added pic/bio.


It is with sadness that I announce the passing of our classmate and friend, Sean Barraga on 26 Jun 06.

Reunions of America announced they will continue ticket sales by credit card through Wednesday, 5 July.   They will also sell tickets at the door (CASH ONLY) for $112 per person (original ticket price + $10 surcharge).  Please let anyone who wanted to attend (but thought they missed the deadline) know about this change!

Two additional events have been added to the list of Reunion activities!  A social will be held at Capt Bill's restaurant starting at 8pm on Friday, 7 July.  On Sunday, a "bring your own" picnic will be held at Robert Moses State Park (Field #5) starting at 12 Noon.    Additional information is posted on the Reunion Link.

Bill Drake - Added pic/bio.
Mike Luttmann - Added bio.
Sue McCall - Added bio.
Mary Casillo - Added pic/bio.
Joe Caligiuri - Added pics/bio.
Vic Latronica - Added bio.

Warren Bachman - Submitted the program for the 1976 Folk Show.  These images are posted on the Flashback Link.  Thanks Warren!  This program truly is a blast from the past!
Bob McGarity - Added pic/bio.
Dwayne Diesu - Added bio.
Mike Garone - Added bio.
Joe Kolb - Added pic/bio.

Tom Gardner - Submitted the Oct 1975 and Feb 1975 editions of The Rudder.  These two issues are in Adobe PDF format and are posted on the FLASHBACK Link.  Check these issues to see if you responded to the Student Forum questions, "What do you think about co-ed gym classes?", "Is school a right?", "How well are WIHS students taught?" and "Is reading important?"  Again, thanks Tom for being a pack rat and saving these issues! 

Joe Diamante - In another tribute to remember our departed classmate, Tom Gardner provided this article from the Jun 1973 issue of The Rotunda.

Steve Lampasona - Added pic (circa June 1973, submitted by Tom Gardner)

Gina Maione - Added pic/bio.
Tom Brown - Updated bio.
Jimmy Schultheis - Added pic/bio.
Angela Cusimano - Submitted a scanned image of her WIHS pennant she bought back in 1976 from the school store.  This image is located on the FLASHBACK link with the other images she submitted (see 6/10 post).

Angela Cusimano - Submitted 7 great images that are now posted on the FLASHBACK page.  These include images of the Fore N' Aft record, Marching Moderns performing during the 1976 Memorial Day Parade, Bi-Centennial Murals in the High School, and the Commencement Ticket for the Class of 1976.  Thanks Angela.  These images bring back great memories!

Steve Lampasona - Added pic.
Terry Maresca - Added pic.

Gary Spinello - Added bio.

Steve Longobardi, former member of the Class of 1976 (family moved to Lindenhurst in 1973), left a nice post on the message board.  His e-mail address is slongobardi@earthlink.net.  

Gerard Manecke - Added pic/bio.

Posted the Nov 1975, Mar 1976, and Apr 1976 issues of The Rudder on the Flashback page.

I want to thank Tom Gardner for making a pit stop in Tampa on Saturday, before heading up to Orlando on business.  I scooped Tom up at the airport and gave him a VIP tour of MacDill Air Force Base before heading over to Kojak's BBQ (a favorite lunch spot for local military).   The FOUR hours flew by, each of us helping the other remember things long since forgotten.  Tom's a super guy with a great family in Georgia!  Can't wait to see him again in July.  If anyone else is passing through the Tampa Bay area and wants to "catch up", please don't hesitate.

I also want to thank Tom for providing me with 3 scanned issues of The Rudder from our senior class year.  These issues can be viewed by clicking the FLASHBACK link.  Tom has promised to send more in the future.

Ted Young - Added pic/bio
Tom Brown - Added pic/bio
Thomas Diflo - Added pic/bio
Howard Seibel - Added pic/bio